Community of Light

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Community of Light was founded in September 2014 by seven lightworkers who were committed to establishing a spiritual community that offered an alternative to more traditional spiritual communities in the area. Rather than adopting the conventional model of having one spiritual leader, Community of Light has four reverends, all volunteers. The Community of Light is a collective.  As a collective, decision-making is done by consensus.

All of the founders shared the goal of creating a community based on their metaphysical understanding of the world. We continue fostering this goal of a spiritual community that encourages people with a variety of beliefs to come together and inspire one another through Peace, Love, Kindness, and Light.

In the years since our community began, we have welcomed members and friends, growing our community as we intended, one person at a time. 

We meet in-person at Spoke Co-Working, 6700 E. Speedway, Tucson, AZ and on Zoom.  Recordings of our meditations and talks are available online on our website.  

The founders and the current leadership of Community of Light are committed to being transparent in our actions and respectful of ourselves and each other.  With integrity and responsibility we draw on guidance from Source to move our community forward.

As you will learn when you read about our current leadership, although our journeys are different, we were guided to come together in the Light to form a community of like-minded people who are committed to increasing the Light in each of us and in the world. We invite you to join us on our journey and share your unique Light with us all.


Meet the Leadership of Lightworkers

Rev. Joanie
Rev. Joanie moved from Ohio to Tucson in 1994, in search of the sun, and that’s when her spiritual journey began. At that time, she was experiencing some painful health conditions. After becoming frustrated with the limited options offered by western medicine for her particular dis-eases, she began exploring alternative forms of healing. Encouraged by some amazing results, Rev. Joanie spent over twenty years learning various forms of energy healing, including Reiki, studying and implementing metaphysical principles in her life, and awakening spiritually. In 2014 Rev. Joanie joined six other lightworkers in manifesting Community of Light where she currently serves as a reverend and as the President of the Board of Directors.
Rev. Ethel
After moving to Tucson from the NYC area, Rev. Ethel discovered and attended a metaphysical congregation and began taking classes in metaphysics. She studied with Rev. Jonnie Haulman for five years.

Once Rev. Ethel made the commitment to live her life in a way that honors her metaphysical beliefs, other aspects of her life began to fall into place. She took courses in psychic development and healing and found her way to Reiki and essential oils which, when combined, can be very impactful. She is a Reiki Master and intuitional healer.

After a profound experience with a dying sibling, Rev. Ethel trained as an End of Life Doula. At the same time, she participated in, and completed, a Seminary program at Community of Light. She was ordained as a minister by Community of Light in December 2020.

The main areas of her ministry are her work as an End of Life Doula, Reiki Master, intuitional healer, educator, and spiritual counselor.

Rev. Ethel is a founding member of the Community of Light where she currently serves as Vice President on the Board of Directors. She continues her journey at the Community of Light where we work to increase the Light in the world and create a place where people can come together.
Rev. Jill
Rev. Jill is a native Tucsonan. Her metaphysical journey started taking off in the early 1990’s when she found a place that shared her beliefs and ideas about life and the afterlife. After taking years of classes and numerous workshops, she decided her next step was to attend seminary. She became a reverend in 1998.

Rev. Jill is one of the founders of Community of Light and currently serves as Treasurer on the Board of Directors. Her life is continually blessed with constant spiritual growth. Her greatest joy is helping others know the truth of who they truly are.
Rev. Linda
Rev. Linda was raised in a more traditional religion that caused her to have more questions about life than answers. Her journey into metaphysics began when she moved to Tucson in 1983. She started by reading books and when that didn't provide enough answers, she expanded into attendance at a local spiritualist church where she was ordained in 1989.

Rev. Linda's spiritual journey continued in Virginia and California with participation in metaphysical classes and workshops. She moved back to Tucson in 2014 and became one of the founders of the Community of Light. Rev. Linda now continues her spiritual path through sharing her knowledge, experience, and gifts with others. She currently serves as the Secretary for the Board of Directors.
Ron began his spiritual quest when he retired in 2008. He went on a year-long sabbatical which included daily meditation and metaphysical activities. Ron participated in a weekly Mastermind group in VA for over 2 years. During the last 2 years of living in CA, Ron was part of a weekly meditation group. In January 2014, he settled down in the most spiritual place he has ever lived, Tucson.

Ron serves as Co-Treasurer on the Board of Directors.

Ron has long sought to be part of a collective of like-minded, spiritual people who are integrity filled and transparent in their actions. He has found this at the Community of Light.